Worldwide, there are greater-than-ever business and social needs to connect across Differences. An interdisciplinary learning center and vibrant professional community, the Institute for Developing Across Differences (IDD) supports those whose work helps people and institutions embrace Differences. 

The Institute offers in-person and online advanced learning programs and a Global Community of Practice for experienced peers, such as educators, practitioners, scholars, professionals, and consultants, so that Global Peers can better help the individuals and organizations they work with to transform Differences into more effective ways of communicating, working, and prospering together.

The IDD is uniquely committed to exploring four Differences narratives that are especially salient in many of our organizations, institutions, and communities — intercultural communications; diversity, equity & inclusion; global competence; and global learning — and identifying and exploring possible points of intersection, potential or already existing, among them.  Learn more at iddifferences.org

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