Exchanging or selling services is simple. You just need L1 or L2 account to get started (these are one-time fees). You also need to have a service ready to list. You should also make sure to read the terms and conditions.

  1. Go to “Add Listing” or simply click the Add Listing button at the top of the page.
  2. Under “Category,” select “List a Service”
  3. Under “Gallery,” add some images. This is highly recommended but not required. Images might be examples of your work or previous work with clients
  4. “Title” – give a title for your service
  5. “Price” – give a baseline price for your service. If you will offer variable or customizable pricing, add a baseline price here and then see below tiered pricing.
  6. “File” – Add a more detailed flyer or brochure for your services. This is required.
  7. “Type of Service” – let users know what kind of service you are offering. If your service does not fit these categories, select “other.”
  8. “Tags” – add keyword tags if desired
  9. “Tiers” – this is if you are offering pricing tiers for different levels or packages of services (basic, pro, premium, etc.). You can add different pricing categories or tiers.
  10. “Extras” – if you want to add extra services to the main service.
  11. “Requirements” – this is a great spot to ask users for details on the service, such as marketing needs or content needs. You’ll be able to communicate with the user later, of course, but this field gives you the ability to ask for some basic details of what the user needs including timeline for completion.
  12. “Discounts” – if you are offering discounts for bulk orders.
  13. “Description” – add a description of your service!
  14. “Purchase Note” – if you wish to add a purchase note to the buyer.

That’s it! If you have any trouble with the listing form or any questions, please contact globaledinbox@gmail.com

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