Exchanging or selling a resource on IERE is simple. You just need a free account to get started. You also need a resource to submit. See here for tips on creating resources on IERE. You should also make sure to read the terms and conditions.

  1. Go to “Add Listing” or simply click on the Add Listing button at the top of our website.
  2. Under “Category,” Select “Exchange or Sell a Resource”
  3. Under “Gallery,” you should select some preview images for the resource, to give potential users a preview of what the resource includes and looks like.
  4. “Title” – give your resource a title
  5. “Price” – give your resource a price in dollars. If you wish to list it for free/exchange, put 0.00
  6. “File” – this is the resource file, which will be delivered upon purchase. We accept a wide range of file types, but we recommend widely used file types such as PDF, JPEG, DOC, PPT, etc.
  7. “Tags” – give your resource keyword tags, if desired
  8. “Tiers” – you can create pricing tiers for your resource, if you wish to have different levels of offerings. This would apply if you are offering a custom designed resource based on a user’s specifications.
  9. “Extras” – Similarly, you can add extras if you wish to with additional pricing. These might include custom designed resources.
  10. “Requirements” – if you are custom designing resources, you can ask for details from your users, such as color preferences or other requests.
  11. “Discounts” – You can offer discounts for bulk purchases.
  12. “Description” – Please add a description of the resource.
  13. “Purchase Note” – add a purchase note if you wish to.

That’s it! If you have any trouble with the listing form or any questions about IERE, please contact globaledinbox@gmail.com

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