GlobalEd is a new platform for enhancing collaboration and collective expertise in global education. Our goal is to break down silos and barriers and give practitioners and scholars direct tools to work together, share ideas, exchange resources, and find and build partnerships. We offer courseslabs, workshops/classes, resource collaboration, professional development opportunities, consulting, and events.

Step 1: Create an Account

Creating a GlobalEd Account is free and easy. Just register and create an account here. If you are an organization, university, consultant, or service provider, you may wish to check out our L1 and L2 packages which allow you to offer services, boost listings, and create a partner page.

Step 2: Add or Browse Listings, Make Requests, and Browse Programs and Services

GlobalEd’s Listings feature allows you to list upcoming events, post jobs, list resources for sale or exchange, make requests for services, and much more. To add a listing or post a request, just go to the top of our homepage and click the respective buttons.

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