IERE is an innovative new resource sharing service for the global education community. We aim to create an open source resource center that is user-generated and user-serviced. On IERE, you can list, sell, buy, and exchange resources with the global community. Resources could include books, publications, lesson plans, orientation designs, curricula, slides, presentations, workbooks or worksheets, etc.

Basic Terms & Conditions

You must be 18 or older to buy or sell on IERE. Resources must be original content and you must comply with local copyright regulations. By listing on IERE, you are simply agreeing to list/sell your resource and content is not the property of GlobalEd.

Once you create a free GlobalEd account, you can upload your first resource (go to Add Listing, then choose “Exchange or Sell a Resource” under Category). If you are selling a resource for a fee, you will retain 75% of the sale price. Click here to understand step-by-step how to list a resource on IERE.

Resources may include electronically delivered files, streaming video, physical or used goods (such as books), and other product types.

You do not need to sell a resource for a fee. You may wish to list it for free (0.00 price) — called an “Exchange”. Simply put 0.00 in the price amount to list a free resource.


You must be 18 years or older to buy or sell on IERE.

When you create a GlobalEd account, you must provide accurate personal information. GlobalEd reserves the right to discontinue accounts at any time.

Account Types

A GlobalEd account is free. This enables you to exchange, buy, and sell resources on the site. Your resources are not promoted by GlobalEd and any filtering is automated by price, reviews, etc.

You can also purchase a Growth L1 or Growth L2 account (one-time fee). These packages enable you to promote your resources on GlobalEd a certain number of days per month and receive additional advertising and promotions.

Purchases, Taxes, and Fees

You are responsible for paying any amounts due, including any applicable taxes, when you make purchases on GlobalEd/IERE. When you purchase a resource for a fee on GlobalEd, you will be charged (in U.S. Dollars) the list price for each item as well as applicable state and local sales taxes, and any fees associated with your order. Sellers are responsible for paying local or state taxes. GlobalEd estimates state and local taxes based on Woocommerce tax estimates, but we can’t guarantee tax estimates are correct.

Payouts and payout rate: Users/vendors who sell products on GlobalEd retain 75% of the sales fee (excluding applicable taxes). Payouts are made within 30-45 days of a sale and may be made in bulk. Payouts are made through Stripe transfer, PayPal transfer, bank transfer or Venmo.


Becoming a user of IERE does not create an agency or employment relationship between you and GlobalEd. GlobalEd is not the employer of and does not act as an agent for any user.

Ratings and Reviews

Please provide accurate reviews of resources. We monitor all reviews and may remove reviews that seem fabricated or biased.

Monitoring Content

GlobalEd has the right to monitor any activity and content associated with our services. We may investigate any complaints or reported violations of our policies and take any action that we deem appropriate. Such action may include issuing warnings, suspension or termination of your account, denying access, and/or removal of any content on the site, including Resource Listings.

Resource Ownership, Copyright, and Licensing

On IERE, users own and maintain the intellectual property rights to their Resources. This means that as a user, you can list or sell your resource on other sites or venues in addition to your GlobalEd/IERE listing.

When you purchase a Resource, you’re de facto purchasing a single license to use the Resource. You should not share the resource with any other person or entity except for business purposes (such as sharing the resource with students in advance of a meeting or orientation). If you need to purchase additional resources for wider sharing with your office or team, please purchase in the appropriate quantity or have each person individually purchase the resource.

Resources should not be altered, re-produced, or resold unless indicated so by the user. Users must ensure that the content is original and that they are not violating any intellectual property rights or copyright laws when creating or listing the resource.

How to List a Resource

See here for a step-by-step guide on listing a resource.

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