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Dilnoza Khasilova earned her Ph.D. in Literacy Studies, Curriculum and Instruction Department, and her master’s degree in Curriculum & Instruction with a focus on English as a Second Language from the College of Education of the University of Wyoming (UW). She completed her bachelor’s degree in Linguistics and Foreign Languages from the Smolensk University for Humanities in 2009. Currently, Dr. Khasilova works as a Project Coordinator for the English Language Center at the UW. Dilnoza is a founder and director of the Access the World with World Language and Cultures, A Wyoming Non-profit Organization. As part of her community service on campus, she runs and coordinates the UW’s World Language & Culture Program (WLCP) and teaches nonformal Russian and Uzbek languages classes. In recognition of her work, Dr. Khasilova was a recipient of the Marvin Millgate Community Engagement Award at the UW. Her research focuses on teaching adults, teacher education, scholarship of teaching and learning including nonformal learning, teacher ESL/EFL, and world languages and cultures.

globaled project

Dr. Khasilova will be developing a course on nonformal learning in international education.

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