The field of international education – especially its practical components – lacks a comprehensive theory that defines more advanced and recognized fields such as law, medicine, and health. The new GlobalEd Faculty Lead in Theory will examine the current state of theoretical knowledge in the field, identify core theories both historical and contemporary, and recommend or advance a new framework(s), theory, or theories for the field. This position is devoted to organization and analysis of knowledge, and to deep thinking, of the theoretical clarity of the field.

Although “internationalization” is a central theory of the field, internationalization theories thus far have been largely devoted to descriptive action (what is or should take place) rather than to a broader theory of change or evolution compared to the theoretical advances in globalization or global studies, for instance. Internationalization theories also almost solely pertain to institutions. Similarly, although intercultural or global learning models contribute to theory in the field, they do not usually underpin the field as a whole and often relate to individual processes (e.g. how individuals gain intercultural competence).  This “state of theory” in the field contributes to a situation wherein the field draws from too many disparate theories while, at the same time, avoiding a pluralistic approach.

The Faculty Lead in Theory is a one-year appointment (with possibility for renewal) with the following responsibilities:

  • Analyze the key historical theories in the field, based on citations, research, and an understanding of marginalized voices. This work may lead to a short white paper or resource for the field outlining key theories.
  • Identify, research and analyze contemporary theories and models in the field, and their potential for wider adoption.
  • Lead a seminar or a short research project on theory in the field, and be a spokesperson for discussions around theory.
  • Author or co-author a publication on theory in the field, as part of a larger GlobalEd “Pluralism Project.”
  • Advance a recommendation or produce a new framework(s), theory, or theories for the field.

The Faculty Lead position comes with a modest $1500 compensation for the year, as well as opportunities for additional compensation through guest lectures and seminars.  The work for the year may be completed in a focused period of time.

To Apply and Inquiries

To apply, please send a cover letter and CV/Resume to by February 1, 2024. Your cover letter should describe your approach to the project/role. Interviews will take place during February 2024, with a selection by March 1, 2024. The anticipated appointment dates are March 15, 2024 – April 15, 2025.

Questions? Email GlobalEd at

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