Ben Levy

GlobalEd Visiting Faculty


Ben Levy is a scholar-practitioner of higher education internationalisation with over 22 years of experience on 6 continents. He has a proven record of fostering mutually beneficial, equitable and sustainable internationalisation partnerships and facilitating the exchange and mobility of people across contexts, cultures and languages. Adept at effective leadership and management of diverse teams in a variety of settings globally including the USA, Aotearoa New Zealand, Argentina, Costa Rica, Ghana, Guatemala, and Peru. As a Senior International Officer for 13 years at a U.S. public, liberal arts college, Ben led the institution’s first strategic plan for comprehensive internationalization and oversee all internationalisation activities including curriculum at home, mobility, faculty engagement, risk management and partnerships. The institution received various federal grants in support of their internationalisation activities through Ben’s dedicated and collaborative work. He has served on numerous leadership positions, boards and completed numerous consultancies, presentations, and trainings. Ben actively serves as a peer reviewer for various indexed journals, as a section editor for the Journal of International Education: Comparative Perspectives, co-leads the New and Emerging Scholars of the Oceania Comparative & International Education Society and as an International Programme Development Advisor for the University of Otago (Aotearoa New Zealand).

Ben holds a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Sciences and a Master of Arts in International Development with a focus on indigenous knowledge & development policy. In 2015, he was honoured to receive a Fulbright Scholar grant to Japan. Currently he is pursuing a Ph.D. from the University of Waikato (Aotearoa New Zealand) with a focus on tertiary education internationalisation partnerships in Moana Oceania. Mr. Levy engages diligent reflexivity throughout his work that continues to inform his engagement with participatory, decolonising and culturally situated professional activities. His current research explores the convergences of development policies, internationalisation and indigenous ontologies and research methodologies in Moana Oceania.

He enjoys making connections between people and serving as a mentor to passionate emerging practitioners. In particular, Ben has a passion for the resilience and renewal of indigenous knowledges, founded the Global Indigenous Network in 2008, and centres his current professional focus on indigenous realities, contexts and perspectives and their intersections with higher education. Ben has published various book chapters on the intersections between indigenous knowledges and development policy and has supported the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues (UNPFII) as a policy analyst. Ben enjoys pushing his societal boundaries, exploring global cultural identities and engaging with human authenticity through a relational approach. With travels to more than 60 countries around the world, he has had the privilege to explore human experiences and listen first-hand to peoples’ stories.

GlobalEd Projects

  • Mentor Coach for the Career Navigator Program
  • Developing a new grant support services program for Global Ed

recent publications

Chin, M., Beckwith, V., Levy, B., Gulati, S., Macam, A. A., Saxena, T., & Suwarningsih, D. P. S. (2022).
Navigating researcher positionality in comparative and international education research: Perspectives from emerging researchers. International Education Journal: Comparative
, 21(2), 21-36.

Ham, M., Spratt, R., Levy, B., di Biase, R., Ali, S., & McCormick, A. (2022). Tensions between policy and practice: learning how to ‘edgewalk’. International Education Journal: Comparative Perspectives, 21(2), 1-4.

Baice, T., Fonua, S. M., Levy, B., Allen, J. M., & Wright, T. (2021). How do you (demonstrate) care in an institution that does not define ‘care’?. Pastoral Care in Education, 39(3), 250-268.

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