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Barcelona’s Study Abroad and Internship Specialists

Barcelona SAE is a boutique study abroad and internship program that provides personalized attention and focuses on this beautiful Mediterranean city that we call home. Ask any of our alumni and you’ll learn about their unforgettable academic, cultural, and professional experience – one that was beneficial not only during their time in Barcelona, but has given them a personal and professional advantage for the rest of their lives.

“The Barcelona SAE staff are absolutely incredible! They are so involved with the students, while at the same time, eager to share their knowledge and passion of the lifestyle and culture here in Barcelona.” -Kristen Bathan, California State University – Fullerton


Our core values are the focus of our culture, our brand, and the overall student experience.  Throughout our Cultural Mentor program, wide variety of program options, and the flexibility to fit your schedule and bank account, we focus on you and your future. Bottom line – your success is our success.


Barcelona is a city that thrives on diversity, and here at Barcelona SAE, our staff shares a similar mentality. We created TODOS (The Outcomes-Based Diversity Outreach Strategy) aimed at removing the barriers keeping students and educational institutions of varied diverse economic, educational, ethnic and social backgrounds from studying abroad.


Find the classes that you need and receive credit towards your major, minor, or general education requirements. We work with five different universities throughout Barcelona to provide a wide variety of course options where you can transfer credit back to your home university.


Students and interns are offered career development opportunities and real experience that will help build their resumé and gain an edge in the job market.  From workshops like “Working Across Cultures” to “Building Study Abroad into your Resumé” and multiple opportunities to attend networking events, you’ll be more prepared to face the workforce than ever before.


Year after year, Barcelona SAE students rate “interaction with the staff” as one of the highlights of their Barcelona experience. Our staff is multilingual and composed of Spanish, Catalan, and American study abroad experts. Our passion for international education, our commitment to individualized service to our students, and our expertise in Barcelona facilitates the strongest combination of cultural, academic, and professional experiences for our students.


Our core values are the focus of our culture, our brand, and the overall student experience. With our Signature Cultural Mentor program and carefully designed immersion and professional development activities, our focus is on helping you develop outcomes that will impact your future. Bottom line – your success is our success.

Resources and Essays from Barcelona SAE

Like a Fish in Water (Excerpts)

From the Introduction WILL YOU FEEL THE MAGIC? You’ve seen it before—a friend comes back from study abroad, and they are beaming. They had the experience of a lifetime. They’ve had a transformation. All study abroad programs and study abroad offices tell you that it will change your life. And it’s true. I’ve seen it…

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