Ann Marie Cadiz Rivera

GlobalEd Career Navigator Program Graduate

leadership portfolio

Ann Marie is a multi-cultural enthusiast with 15 years of experience performing management and administrative roles, student advising, teaching and tutoring, program management and customer service in the education sector both public and private as well as various non-profits. Fluent in Spanish and Italian, skilled at communicating and building relationships with students and peers. l aiming to inspire and encourage students to have meaningful and life changing experiences through international education and to also make international education accessible to everyone regardless of their background, nationality or socioeconomic status.


I truly believe that international exchange is an important part of the student experience. Cultural exchange promotes understanding, acceptance and diversity between countries and its citizens. As a leader, I intend to inspire and mentor underrepresented students to become global citizens prioritizing intercultural understanding through self-reflection, openness and empathy. As a leader, I aim to promote healthy collaboration amongst my peers by promoting an environment in which people are aware of all perspectives and are able to empathize with one another, to create dialogue with the purpose of understanding and build relationships, to enable people to challenge who they are, with the goal of pushing forward an international education with diversity at its focus.


From Carter Rawson, Informational Technology Project Coordinator at National Library Service, March 27, 2020

Ann Marie was a star in the HACU internship program at the Library of Congress. She rapidly distinguished herself at the National Library for the Blind and Print Disabled as a program support professional in the Network Division where she reported to me during the Winter of 2020. I have mentored many interns in the federal government, academia and the private sector since the 1990s and Ann is perhaps the worldliest mentee I have encountered. Not only is she multi-lingual, Ann Marie is extremely perceptive and quickly grasps workplace culture which is a natural skill. We all learned from Ann in the months she was with us and her problem-solving skills impressed our entire Division. She would be an asset to any internationally minded organization focused on education, government or business-to-business. Ann gets it done. 



Proofread, Edited and Translated language curriculum exercises and passages for an online teaching platform

Implemented proofreading strategies focusing on eliminating errors and mistakes in grammar, punctuation, spelling and formatting for over 200 curriculum exercises and passages. Carried out editing and translating strategies focusing on making the texts readable by assessing clarity, style, and citations.

Established relationships and negotiated supply delivery with network libraries
01/2020 – 04/2020

Developed a communication channel between the National Library Service for the Blind and Print Disabled and their network library in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Resolved delivery and communication conflicts by acting as point of contact on behalf of the institution with the goal of improving continuous delivery of supplies.

Led English classes for young Korean students

Empowered approximately 150+ students through English subject based conversational lessons with the goal of improving their reading, writing, speaking, listening and critical thinking skills. Established structured lesson plans in order to prepare students for their TOIEC and TOEFL tests, in which their overall scores improved by 18%.

Accomplished one year of public service addressing critical community needs through several different projects in nonprofits and elementary-middle schools

Administered donations from over 2,800 benefactors and distributed them amongst 1,050 low-income households. Mentored over 1,300 elementary and middle school students through engagement of extracurricular activities, provided homework assistance and distributed snacks and dinner through an after-school program. 

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