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GlobalEd provides in-depth research, reporting, and data analysis for institutions, organizations, and individuals. Our team is experienced in multiple and mixed methodologies of research, including critical, action research, participatory, historical, qualitative, and quantitative. We particularly seek to research with and for underrepresented groups, Global South/non-Western voices and organizations, and on topics of critical concern. We provide information that educational stakeholders can act upon to better support students and faculty and improve practices of global teaching and learning.

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Links to open data sets and databases in global education Student & Scholar Mobility Project Atlas (IIE) – Global student mobility data Open Doors (IIE) – U.S. education abroad and international student enrollment data Graduate Learning Overseas (GLO-IIE) Global Flow of Tertiary Level Students (UNESCO) Databases ERIC (Education Sciences Institute) Bloomsbury Education and Childhood Studies…

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