Technology is shifting rapidly; is the international education field ready? Historically, international educators have sometimes resisted technology, viewing it as one of the “problems” to be fixed through human contact. Although virtual exchange, online learning, and tech have infused our field with new solutions and program models, the field has generally resisted major technological changes and innovations.

In doing so, are we missing out?

We are the precipice of a revolutionary shift to what experts are calling “web3.” Called by some “the future of the internet,” web3 technology promises to decentralize technology, and integrate blockchain, AR/VR, smart contracts, and digital currencies into the fabric of the internet (for an early look at this, check out the Brave web browser). Web3 may also shift the worldview of technology from less of a 2D space into more of a 3D space (imagine entire immersive websites that are like digital experiences). And then there is the so-called “metaverse” — entire virtual worlds based in VR/AR technologies.

What do you think international education will look like in 5 or 10 years as this technology evolves? Is the field “web3 ready”? Should we be? Take this poll and tell us your thoughts.


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    Rebecca L Hovey

    I didn’t even know what web3 was until I read your post. Thanks for keeping us current.

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