Pathway Impact is redefining experiential learning abroad in a new and exciting way. Based in Uganda, PI is an intercultural and experiential learning organization that provides a unique and non-traditional experience for virtual and in-person student mobility programs. PI was founded to fill a noticeable gap in Uganda. We were not satisfied with the dearth of study abroad programs in the country and the widespread cross-cultural misunderstanding (and appalling narrative) about the region. We sought to create stronger and long-lasting global connections to East Africa and to showcase the region beyond traditional safaris using thoughtful educational travel, internships, and virtual programs. Understanding that students have a unique potential to develop into global citizens (and leaders) and drive positive change both within their countries and across borders, we created this organization to harvest the existential benefits and externalities that experiential learning abroad offers.

Our vision is to become Africa’s leading provider of experiential learning programs that nurture next-generation leaders. Our mission is to create meaningful, immersive, and high-impact experiential learning programs that:

  • support student academic success and career-readiness
  • foster cultural fluency, tolerance, and global awareness
  • prepare young adults to become inclusive leaders and global citizens
  • create global synergies, encourage international solidarity, and promote international dialogue

Our custom (virtual and in-person) programs include:

  1. Faculty-led Study Abroad Program (College)
  2. Global School Trip (High School)
  3. Independent Study Abroad
  4. Global Internships
  5. Summer Youth Camp
  6. Language Learning
  7. Faculty Seminars

Our outcome-focused approach to experiential learning includes the following learning themes:

1.    Intercultural Competence & Mutual Respect

2.    World Perspectives in the Classroom

3.    Career Development & Professional Growth

4.    Local Exploration & Connection

5.    Developing One’s Sense of Self-awareness

6.    Global Citizenship & Leadership

It’s never a dull day on any of our programs. A typical day begins with an early morning breakfast. After breakfast at 8:00 am, students jump onto their bus and head to our partner site. The day’s program starts at 9:00 am, where students meet the administrators at our partner organization, who introduce themselves, show them around and then settle for a seminar-style session. At 12:30 pm – 1:30 pm students have lunch, in most cases, the lunch is packed. Two foods you’ll need to try out when in Uganda: matooke and the very popular rolex.

During the site visit, students are able to test their language skills by speaking a few Luganda words like “oliyotya” (how are you) and “webale” (thank you). Between 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm, students settle for a second lecture, usually led by a member of faculty or a guest lecturer . Between 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm, they head back to their guest house and then settle in for the evening where they are free to go to the gym, eat out, meditate, blog, take a nap, or walk outside the guesthouse and start a conversation with a commercial motorcycle rider. Internet access is available on the bus for students to utilize the time lost in Kampala’s busy city traffic.  Every weekend has an exciting excursion out of town.

At Pathway Impact, we take health and safety concerns very seriously. Every program participant must carry comprehensive insurance cover and also attend our health and safety orientation session designed to prevent, manage and respond to incidents if they occur. We ensure that students enjoy a great sense of security in order to maximize their experience and travel abroad. We follow health and safety guidelines that are encouraged by industry leaders such as ATTA, NAFSA and The Forum on Education Abroad.

Pathway Impact follows the Standards of Good Practice and Quality Assurance developed by The Forum on Education Abroad, a USA-based organization that develops comprehensive standards of good practice for global learning experiences (education abroad). These standards ensure that we consistently provide high-quality, safe, and meaningful education abroad experiences.

If you would like to learn more about our programs, our team,  and the customer support we provide, please send us a note and we will be glad to walk you through all our services. We can arrange a familiarization tour or a faculty seminar as a build-up to establishing a global education program with us. Our website ( will give you more information about our flexibility, purpose, and program focus. You can subscribe to our newsletter through our website and contact us directly for any inquiry or question.

We look forward to transforming study abroad in our country with like-minded educators and institutions that are looking for a reliable global education partner. If you’d like to send me a note directly, you can reach me at


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