GlobalEd’s Career Navigator Program is unique in the field. We weave together a curriculum focused on honing your values and mission, a career-boosting Digital Badge in Foundations of the International Education Profession, and individualized coaching, resume, and interviewing preparation to advance your career to the next level.

Our Curriculum:

Week 1 Individual Consultation
You will have one 60 minute session with a GlobalEd Consultant. We’ll focus on telling your story and finding a “hook” – a repeatable, genuine, meaningful encapsulation of your reasons for advancing in the field. We’ll then focus on your specific skills and abilities, and how to articulate these on your resume and in interviews.

Week 2 Digital Badge Module 1
Complete Module 1 of the Digital Badge: Foundations of the International Education Profession. Then write your personal statement which serves as an introduction to yourself, your story, your personal values/mission and leadership qualities.

Week 3 Digital Badge Module 2
Complete Module 2 of the Digital Badge: Foundations of the International Education Profession. Review personal competencies and skills and complete a skills analysis.

Week 4 Digital Badge Module 3 and Small Group Coaching Session
Complete Module 3 of the Digital Badge. Learn from your cohort and review your progress in our small group coaching session.

Week 5 Draft Your Leadership Portfolio
We will next focus on building your Leadership Portfolio – on what projects have you demonstrated leadership abilities and skills?  What is your vision?  How can you effectively communicate that vision to others? We will develop an online portfolio on GlobalEd that can include your resume and showcase your projects to potential employers. You can also apply for jobs directly on the GlobalEd site using your portfolio.

Week 6 Digital Badge Module 4 & Finalize Leadership Portfolio
Complete Module 4 of the Digital Badge: Foundations of the International Education Profession. Read articles and essays, and listen to podcasts, from international education leaders reflecting upon their leadership journey. Finalize your leadership portfolio.

Week 7 Resume “Makeover”
We will focus on resume polishing, editing, and formatting to best convey your professionalism, expertise and narrative to potential employers. Strong resumes are clean and focused, with a clear narrative and supporting experience and evidence.

Week 8 Small Group Coaching Session
Learning from your peers and cohort is often the best way to “test drive” your narrative and resume. We’ll use these sessions to workshop your story, skills, and leadership abilities, and to improve each others resumes. We’ll also discuss current job search strategies and identify current job openings.

Week 9 Mock Interview
Finally, we’ll conduct a mock interview in which you can practice your new interview skills and ace the interview process.

Week 10 Digital Badge Module 5, Final Reflections & Graduation
Wrap up the program, finalize your documents, claim your badge, unlock prizes, and apply for jobs!

The Career Navigator Program also includes available micro-internships.


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