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Foundations of the International Education Profession

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Every so often, practitioners in most fields step back from their day-to-day work to conduct a macro-level assessment of how things are going, where things are, and even where their…

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GlobalEd Testimonials

Gillissen (Gigi) Green, GlobalEd Lab Participant

I participated in the GlobalEd Lab: Reimagining Intercultural Pedagogies last fall and found it hugely beneficial to my own professional development and very impactful to my work. As a seasoned international educator, I sought out the program to refresh my own intercultural learnings and to update the curriculum of a program that my center runs.  It was exactly what I was looking for. The sessions and discussions in the Lab were interactive and thought-provoking.  I came away with new insights, intercultural concepts, and specific activities that I have since integrated into our program. Some of the concepts we explored in the Lab that were especially helpful to my work were: The Intercultural Praxis Model, UNESCO’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) and Story Circles. Perhaps the most impactful piece of the experience was the consultation the GlobalEd Lab provided on the creation of an assessment tool that we have since used to evaluate our program and to apply for funding. I strongly recommend participating in the GlobalEd Lab.

Gillissen (Gigi) Green
Academic & Cultural Engagement Specialist
Global Education Center/Office of International Students & Scholars
University of New Hampshire

Gillissen (Gigi) Green, GlobalEd Lab Participant

Ann Marie Cadiz Rivera, Career Navigator Program, 2022 Cohort

Breaking into a new field it is always a challenge and I am so grateful that I applied to the Global Education Career Navigator right after completing my graduate degree. Through the Global Education Career Navigator Program, I understood how important it is to have a clear understanding of my own personal and professional story and how to present that to future employers. Bryan and Marty helped me get a better sense of how I should address certain interview questions and were always there to give me advice through my job search. I also learned about finding my leadership style and how I can present my style to interviewers. They also supported me in revamping my resume so that it can be adequate for the international education field. Right before the end of the program I was able to land a job in a related field and I feel that part of it was thanks to everything that I’ve learned and all of the interview practice that I’ve had. I definitely feel more prepared for future opportunities now that I’ve been though the Global Education Career Navigator Program.

Ann Marie Cadiz Rivera, Career Navigator Program, 2022 Cohort

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